How We Work



Dedicated, full cycle development team

We provide you with a complete product development team, managed by our CTO, dedicated to your success. We come in early, during the idea stage, helping to define goals, understand the market and collaborate to design and architect a solution specifically for your needs. We then, following an Agile process, define and describe key features, working closely with you and your team to bring your idea to life

There are times when it makes sense to first develop a POC version of your idea first. During the early budgeting or funding stage, a POC can help others to "see" your vision. It can be effective for testing ideas where viability has not yet been proven. Our team will work closely with you to develop a POC of your idea. POC's generally require much less time to develop than fully functional applications


Proof-of-Concept (POC)

All of our teams are experienced to operate efficiently for
maximum efficiency and minimum overhead


The Agile Manifesto


Waterfall Method

Endless debates continue over the best processes to employ when managing a software engineering project. Early software projects followed a Waterfall method where stages of development were executed in series: Requirements -> Design -> Implementation -> Testing -> Deployment -> Maintenance. This methodology has all but been abandoned in favor of some variant on Agile development methodologies. But even within the Agile approaches, there are arguments about "which Agile" is best.


What is Agile?

Among some developers, "process" is almost considered a 4 letter word. But of course without process there is often just chaos. Just as form follows function in architecture design, process should follow the goals of the particular project. We follow Agile processes as envisioned by the original authors of The Agile Manifesto. We avoid dogmatic, heavy-weight Agile processes in favor of minimal friction and overhead. And oftentimes, larger projects and those with more stakeholders require process that some smaller projects do not. Don't overpay for unnecessary overhead. Simply stated, do what gets the job done!